Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do you charge for training?

6 week classes cost $119 unless  you have a coupon or we are running a special.  Private training varies according to amount of time invested.  Seminars are $20 each and packages vary based on the amount of classes included.  $199 for two classes bundled together and $299 for three classes.  


Do I have to take a puppy Orientation Seminar before starting puppy class?

The Puppy Orientation Seminar isn’t an orientation to our training program but an orientation to your home.  It isn’t required before classes but most people choose to get the puppy guide in the store while purchasing new puppy essentials.  The Puppy Guide has great coupons on food, supplies, as well as a free Puppy Orientation.  That way you can potty train your dog asap and save a bundle.  It also has a coupon for $15 off the 6 week puppy class.


How do I sign up?

There are a few ways to sign up; you can come into the store (great way to meet me in person and ask more questions or learn about any specials we are running and pick up the puppy guide coupon), call the store and sign up over the phone (you will then have paperwork to sign when you arrive at class the first day), or sign up on the Petsmart app available for Apple and Android.


When are the classes?

Please check the calendar by coming to the store or calling for the current start dates.  Each class (excluding private training and seminars) meets once a week for about an hour at the same time and day.   A class starting on a Saturday at 4pm will run every Saturday at 4 pm for 6 weeks.  


What if I have to miss a class?

Every effort is made to make sure you receive a complete education.  If you are going skiing or get sick just let me know and we will find another time to meet up and get you up to speed.  


None of your times fit my schedule/I can’t train in a group setting when can we do private lessons?

Please call me at the store and I would be happy to schedule those with you.


Can kids attend classes?

Absolutely! It is important that everyone in the home is on the same page so as many family members that can attend should.  Kids will participate in training activities too. It’s not a bad idea to bring a coloring book or activity along in case they get bored during lecture time and parents need to be present for safety reasons.


My dog keeps “insert naughty behavior here”  what do I do?!

Getting to the root of the issue and finding the right solution can be challenging to do without meeting in person.  Call me on the phone or come find me in the store and I’d be happy to help solve your issues. Also, remember the beginner and puppy classes go through problem solving for typical canine behaviors that we consider impolite (chewing, biting, digging, barking, jumping, pulling on leash, eliminating in the house, etc.)


Do you have any other pets?

Yes I do actually. It is difficult to work at a place like Petsmart without getting interested in multiple species. Along with my GSP Charlie that I rescued from Boulder Valley Humane Society, I have a leopard gecko named Martha, and three fish tanks.  The UNL companion animal behavior studies I did also made me passionate about animals I hope to have one day. I have had rats before and absolutely love them (they are as easy to train as dogs).  I hope to have rats and ducks and perhaps a conure or finch aviary one day when my bird dog passes on and I move to a larger place.