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Should I adopt or shop for my new dog? 6 Common Myths about Breeders and Rescue Organizations

Socialization and training are important no doubt, but getting a puppy from a shelter means some of this work has been done for you. Foster families spend time with their dogs to get them used to a home environment and many shelters have professional trainers and volunteers who work with their dogs.

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How much time does it take to train a new puppy?

 Puppies are a lot.  They need a lot.  But they are still so stinking cute that we need them in our lives anyway.  And they are insanely talented at making us crave them.  So if you feel like you need that puppy breath kiss in your life, seriously think through it.  

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6 Things Your Dog Trainer Isn't Judging You For

Lighten up people! Dog trainers are just like regular dog lovers, we love your dog as soon as we meet  her.  We want to cuddle with her.  We want her to lean against our leg, and beg us for scraps.  We eat that stuff up just like everyone else.  Will your dog misbehave?  Sure, but when your dog misbehaves you know what your dog trainer is thinking?  How can I help?

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