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Growing up, I was passionate about exotic animals.  I would petition my parents to donate to World Wildlife Fund and dreamed of becoming a wildlife veterinarian.  My focus shifted in college while studying companion animal behavior and the University of Nebraska Lincoln.  Suddenly the domestic dog became a fascinating subject and ethology became a passion.  After getting married and having my first son, I graduated from Aims College in Colorado in 2011.  I was accredited in Pet Training from Petsmart and began the rewarding career of dog training at Petsmart in Aurora, Colorado in 2012.  


That same year, the Salazar family grew by two when my twins were born and we later moved to Longmont, Colorado.  Once again our family grew with the adoption of Charlie Brown, a six year old German Shorthaired Pointer.  I received my Canine Good Citizen evaluator certification from the American Kennel Club in 2016 and currently train and test dogs and their families at the Petsmart in Longmont, Colorado.


                     Training Classes Offered

My passion is teaching pet parents how to understand their dog’s behavior in order to encourage behaviors they like (sitting to greet people for instance) and discourage behaviors they don’t (being jumped on).  Unlike boarding facilities that train your dog for you, I show you and your pet how to perform cues and solve problems. This method of Positive Reinforcement builds the bond between pets and their people so that both can enjoy training and live together peacefully without force or pain.  Each week we have time to answer any questions that arise such as, “My dog got into the trash and made a huge mess when I was at work! How can I keep him and my home safe when I’m not there?”  We then get to practice in class and leave each week with homework to perfect these skills.


I teach the following courses at Petsmart in Longmont, CO. Each class (excluding seminars) meets for 6 weeks, for about an hour on the same day and time each week. DAPP vaccination and rabies (for dogs over 4 months) is required to ensure a safe environment for all dogs. I also provide private dog training in the store (contact for availability).



Puppy Orientation Seminar $20

Perfect for new pet parents or anyone who needs help with a brand new puppy.  This one time class isn’t a prerequisite to other training classes but teaches essentials you need right away. Potty Training, Crate Training and Socialization with the rest of the family (not biting your toes or chasing the cat) are included. Pet parents who are planning on adopting or waiting for their puppy to come home are welcome to attend as well. Bonus: you can get a coupon for a free Puppy Orientation from the Puppy Guide coupon book in store.   

Puppy   $119

A perfect class for basic obedience, problem solving, and socialization.

Dogs aged 10 weeks to 5 months and their owners will enjoy learning and bonding through positive reinforcement. Cues include: sit, down, stay, watch me, leave it, come when called. Bonus: dogs also learn how to greet people and other dogs politely, how to walk on leash politely and  to stop barking, jumping, digging, chewing, etc.

Beginner $119

This class is the same curriculum as the Puppy class but designed for dogs over 5 months. Most dogs in this class are rescues or haven’t benefited from training yet so they may deal with different issues such as socialization and impulse control.   This is a great class to build confidence and impulse control for dogs that are overly excited to meet dogs and people or are nervous meeting dogs and people  Prerequisite: there is no prerequisite for this class but if you are afraid your dog won’t be able to handle a class with other dogs and people ask me about private training.


Intermediate $119

This class builds on the skills they have learned in puppy or beginner, adding the 3D’s: Distance Distraction and Duration.  For example, dogs will learn to stay while you walk away from them, while there is a knock at the door etc.  We also learn three new skills: Go to Bed (aka go to your place to lay down and stay until your mom tells you to get up), Heel, and Wait at the Door. Prerequisite: Puppy or Beginner

Click a Trick  $119

 This class will make your dog a show off.  We learn skills such as crawl, take a bow, high five & roll over. Great for dogs that are bored, or need advanced training to drain their energy.  Also great to improve your communication with your dog, your timing as a trainer and ability to reward effectively. Many people choose to take this class between puppy and intermediate or after finishing all three obedience style classes.  Also a great way to keep a senior dog mentally challenged.  Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Prerequisite: Puppy or Beginner


Advanced $119

New challenges and refinement are the keys to this class. Dogs will learn some new skills and practice old skills to the point of perfection. If your dog knows all his cues but only works for a treat, or needs to hear the cue multiple times, this is the class for you.   Dogs graduate the program with reliability and consistency. A graduation diploma is presented to all participants at the end of the class.  Students who have graduated the program will be ready to take the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen exam. Prerequisite: Intermediate

Therapy $119

This course is for students that have passed Advanced Class or have the Canine Good Citizen exam.  The curriculum is designed to prepare your dog for a Therapy certification and work in an environment where they can provide comfort and companionship to members of their community.  The class builds skills for both handler and dog.  The dog refines skills worked on and learns new comfort providing skills and desensitization to new environments.  The handler learns how to communicate effectively with the community and dog to be an advocate for their dog.  While the course is designed for Therapy dog work, it is helpful to anyone who enjoys having their dog out in public and in new environments.
Private Training

I meet one on one with pet parents whose dog isn’t prepared for a group setting, for pet parents who want a different time than those offered for group classes, and for pet parents who want a more individual curriculum.  Only want to learn stay? Only need to learn to walk on leash?  This class is for you.  These classes are split into 30 minutes sessions so that your dog can stay focused the entire time.  

30mins $45

1hr $89 (2-30 minute sessions)

4 hr $219 (8-30 minute sessions)



Bundling courses together saves you time, paperwork and money by offering one enrollment form for multiple classes at the best rate available.  Intermediate and/or advanced class dates will be chosen at the end of your first class.

Puppy/Beginner Fundamental Pkg $199

Just like it sounds.  This includes Puppy or Beginner and Intermediate classes.  Saves $19 versus paying for each class individually.

Puppy/Beginner Premium Pkg $299

Puppy/Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced classes  for $28 less than paying for each class individually.


Advance Package $199

Intermediate and Advanced classes for $28 dollars less than paying for each class individually.





Come see me at the Longmont Petsmart Store, located at 1125 Hover St, Longmont, CO 80501,

Call me at the Longmont Petsmart (303) 702-9526,

Email at

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